Sports Wunderkind NFL Mock Draft: Edition 1

1.      Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M

What can I say about this kid, 6’5 318 with an incredible motor and great footwork. He said that his favorite player is Cleveland Browns All-Pro Joe Thomas, that’s not a bad guy to look up to. One look at Joeckel and you see why Johnny Football had 20 seconds to throw every down against Oklahoma. Joeckel has the best kick-slide I have seen from a college player since Thomas. If there is one knock on Joeckel it’s his mean side, there are questions about how bad he wants to go in the running game, although that’s really just nitpicking since he will primarily be asked to shut down opponents best pass rusher anyways. Don’t be surprised if the Chiefs auction off this pick for somebody to come get Geno Smith (I’m looking at you Buffalo)

NFL Comparison: Joe Thomas

2.      Jacksonville Jaguars: Dee Milliner CB Alabama

The Jags need everything, so as long as the player they pick doesn’t bust they will be fine with anything, if the Chiefs take Joeckel don’t be surprised to see the Jags get Geno Smith, but if they are smart they take the only top ten talent corner in the draft. Milliner has great instincts and is great in run support. He quelled any doubts about his speed when he ran a 4.3 forty at the Combine last month. He did need to get shoulder surgery, but that doesn’t seem to be much of an issue going into the draft. One big question with him is how much can he grow, he should be a good starting corner upon entering the league but his upside is debatable. He played the NFL styled 3-4 for Nick Saban, so learning the inn’s and outs of the pro game shouldn’t be difficult. The Jags just cut Aaron Ross and let Rashean Mathis leave, Milliner will replace Mathis and allow the Jags to look else ware later.

NFL Comparison: Charles Tillman

3.       Oakland Raiders: Geno Smith QB West Virginia

I’ll say this right off the bat, I LOVE GENO SMITH, now that we have that out of the way let me explain why he SHOULD be getting RGIII hype. Let’s just look at the kid’s physical parts; 6-3 220 runs a 4.5 forty. He threw 42 touchdowns to only six interceptions last season, now those stats are somewhat skewed due to him playing in Dana Holgorsen’s Star Wars offense. That being said he shows great pocket awareness and just a quick look at the tape shows he is capable of making two to three read passes already. He throws the deep ball as well as anybody and has the ability to break defenses wide open with his great speed. He will need time to adjust to taking snaps under center and with Raiders poor surrounding cast will probably struggle early. The Raiders however will make the smartest move in their recent draft history by not making a bad selection based on speed alone. Mark Davis blew up the franchise last year and I really think he will make the move to get rid of Carson Palmer if given the chance at a true franchise QB like Geno.

NFL Comparison: Steve Young

4.      Philadelphia Eagles: Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan

Recently the Eagles have shown a real interest in Geno Smith, however I don’t think Geno will be there at 4, If they don’t want to trade up Eric Fisher is not a bad fallback. The past moth the Fisher hype machine that took off after the Senior Bowl has slowed as Lane Johnson has stolen the spotlight. However Fisher is the better tackle at the moment and the Eagles will be happy to take him. They do still have Jason Peters barring any lingering issues from his torn Achilles, but his cap hit is around 11 million this year and for an aging injury prone tackle that’s a ton of money. If the Eagles decide to keep both than they can finally kick Todd Herremans back to his more natural guard and develop Fisher on the right side for two years. Fisher posses great athleticism and while we don’t know what the Chip Kelly offense will be in the NFL, you can bet on it being up-tempo. Fisher is a step below Joeckel technically at the moment but may have a better upside in the long run and will fit perfectly for the Eagles.

NFL Comparison: Matt Light

5.      Detroit Lions: Dion: Jordan  DE/LB Oregon

The Lions have a ton options here, they need a lot of things but since they are a team built from the inside-out, one almost has to believe they take a pass rusher. Dion Jordan get’s passed up by his college coach but ends up in the perfect system. Many have him fitting better in the 3-4 but I think he could be a Dwight Freeney-like impact passer rusher in the Wide-Nine defense. Jordan possesses the most elite set of athletic tools one could ask in an end; great speed and a burst that leaves tackles in the back view mirror, he even famously lined up at defensive back for Oregon at times. He show an incredible motor and never gives up on plays which results in him being in almost every screenshot of an Oregon tackle. H e needs to develops some more moves as he only shows a weak swim and a rip move, however his natural bend should make it a piece of cake for a good line coach to teach him that. His red flags are a lack of real playing time in college as he was a tight end his first few years. However the Lions are all about pass rush and this is potentially the best pass rusher in the draft.

NFL Comparison: Dwight Freeney

6.      Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Jones LB Georgia

Cleveland is a tough pick at this point; they really worked to shore up the pass rush in free agency in getting Kruger, Groves, and Bryant, even with those pieces and young stud Jabaal Sheard you can never have enough good young pass rushers. I do think that if somehow Geno Smith falls they would snatch him up. Same thing with Milliner, but with them off the board the Browns should be a team looking to trade down to somebody desperate to jump the Cardnals for Barkley. If they can’t, then they should draft Jones, as he is easily the most polished pass rusher in the draft and should have an immediate impact on any defense. He led the NCAA in sacks last year after tying for second the season before. He shows a varied number of moves and played in the pro-style Georgia 3-4 defense. He also shined on a team sending upwards of 8 players to the NFL. They guy is an absolute stud, but his medical concerns loom large and any team drafting him will need to make sure he checks out medically. Played his freshman year at USC and injured his back leading the USC doctors to diagnose him with spinal stenosis, or a narrowing of the spine. However a few weeks ago he was cleared to play by an independent doctor who said that he “either had a very mild incident of spinal cord concussion or merely a stinger that has long since resolved.” If so, this kids is an impact player day one and should be in the Pro Bowl for the next decade.

NFL Comparison: Von Miller

7.      Arizona Cardinals: Matt Barkley QB USC

Nobody was hurt more by 2012 season than Matt Barkley, he went from the locked in top pick to possibly not even being a first round pick. Despite trying his best Jake locker impression he will be a first round pick, it just depends where. The kid shows great maturity and has been in the spotlight since he was 14 starting at the famed Mater Dei High School. Won the starting job at USC as a freshman and lead them through the sanction years. Played well in a pro style offense but always had great weapons, good not great arm strength on tape but a pending report because of his hurt throwing shoulder late in his senior season, clearly a leader and you never heard a bad thing about him, however the USC quarterback stigma will hurt him, that where Arizona comes in. Arizona decided to go a new way after the 2012 season and sent Ken Whisnenhunt packing. With him left the long forgotten magic of the 2009 Superbowl season. Starting fresh meant getting the offensive coordinator that beat them in the 2009 Superbowl, Bruce Arians who lead the Colt’s to a playoff record in relief of Chuck Pagono’s cancer treatment. This week the Cardinal’s finally cut the dead weight of Kevin Kolb after two disastrous seasons, Maybe Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t know everything about quarterbacks after all. The Cardinals could easily start off the new era by taking BYU end Ziggy Ansah or Oklahoma Tackle Lane Johnson, but my money is on the team taking USC quarterback Matt Barkley, Arians is a quarterback guy who helped turn the chosen one Andrew Luck into a budding superstar, and I think he believes he can work the same magic with Barkley.

NFL Comparison: Matt Hassleback

8.      Buffalo Bills: Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee 

This guy is an absolute enigma, one year at Tennessee after two years at Hutchinson CC, the kid is big at 6’2 216 and runs a 4.4 forty. He shows the ability to stretch the field as well as take punishment over the middle, and if you want to see his athleticism, go watch him tear the star-studded Georgia defense apart. Everybody will be wondering if he’s a one year wonder, and he also dropped some catchable balls throughout the season. The new front office of the Bills needs to find playmakers and Patterson represents that opportunity. C.J. Spiller finally exploded last season, they also still have Stevie Johnson and while he is skilled, he doesn’t stretch the field or provide the big body for the new quarterback. If they can’t trade up for Geno look for them to draft this dynamic wide receiver and draft a quarterback early in the second or trade back up to the first.

NFL Comparison: Victor Cruz

9.      New York Jets: Ziggy Ansah DE/LB BYU

I’m not sure if Donald Trump fears this guy will come for him or what, but there are some crazy reports about this guy’s true age going around the internet. Despite these concerns, the guy is a freak; athletically this guy really has no weakness. He shows elite burst, which is terrifying for a man who stand 6’5 275 lbs. His raw power is what sets him apart though; he may not show it on the benchpress but this guy is a monster in the trenches and that’s exactly what the Jets need. They haven’t had a real dominant pass rusher since Rex Ryan came in 2009. Ansah could become a game-changer in a year or two. His main problem is that he is just so raw, because he only played two years of football in his life. However, he showed some natural instincts in the Senior Bowl game. I think the Jets will dump Ryan and Sanchez after this season but a great defensive surge could help save Rex from this fate. Ansah could be the next great pass rusher or flame out Vernon Gholston style, but either wither way Rex needs a spark to save his job and Ansah may be his best hope.

NFL Comparison: Jevon Kearse

10. Tennessee Titans: Sharrif Floyd DT Florida

Nobody has had a better pre-draft than Sharrif Floyd. The Florida lineman is another big time boom or bust prospect. When he is playing at his hardest, he is damn near unstoppable. He has the best burst of any of the interior guys and has the power to match up with any guard in the league. The Titan’s could use another corner or even some outside pass rush, but the best thing they could do is try to recreate the Albert Haynesworth years of 2005-2008. Drafting Floyd will free up Kameron Wimbley to up his sack totals and let 2010 first rounder Derrick Morgan become a full time starter. All of this is one big if, as through his first two seasons he was a real non-factor and even during this season at times he would disappear, this guy could be a huge factor day one.

NFL Comparison: Albert Haynesworth

11. San Diego Chargers: Tavon Austin WR West Virginia

Electric is the only way to describe Tavon Austin. Austin makes defensive backs look like they are in slow motion. This guy has blazing speed and great hands. After watching his tape I never see him drop a catchable ball. The question you have to ask yourself is can his small frame hold up against NFL players? I don’t think he will have a problem; the only history of injuries is a broken finger from two seasons ago. The guy could be a Pro-Bowl return man in the NFL this year. Without Vincent Jackson, Phillip Rivers looked downright awful last year; the Chargers made no attempt to go get a free agent like Mike Wallace this month which leads me to believe they will be going after a wide receiver in the draft. San Diego could also choose to take Lane Johnson and protect Rivers blindside, but the new front office is led by Tom Telesco, a Bill Polian disciple and Polian always neglected the offensive line during his time in Indy in favor of targets for Peyton Manning. I think he follows his mentor in this regard come April.

NFL Comparison: Eric Metcalf

12. Miami Dolphins: Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma

Johnson played quarterback and tight end at Kilgore College before transferring to Oklahoma and winding up at tackle, and you can see it in his game. He is still raw for a high first round tackle, but his elite athleticism will allow him to get away with some bad technique. Johnson blew all the scouts away with his 4.7 forty at the combine and shows good footwork for a man with so little experience. The question is can he hold up against power guys. He could stand to put on some muscle and needs a good coach to teach him, but his QB background shows he understands the pass game. The Dolphins have a gaping hole at left tackle, and while 2012 second rounder Jonathan Martin wasn’t awful in spot left-tackle duty, he is a more natural right tackle and could end up being one of the better right tackles in the game. Miami spelled all their woes at the receiving core in free agency and took care of their defense. Now they need to protect their franchise guy, Ryan Tannehill. Johnson can also provide a key weapon in trick plays on the goal line as a pass catcher. This guy screams future star and could be the final piece of Miami’s rebuilding project.

NFL Comparison: Joe Staley

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Barkevious Mingo DE LSU

Not only is Mingo another pass rusher with elite potential, he also comes with possibly the best nickname in the draft, Kiki Mingo. Besides sounding like a new Mike’s Hard Lemonade flavor, he is incredibly gifted athletically. At times Mingo would get lost in the shuffle and that’s scary this high in the draft, but when he uses his leverage and speed he can make tackles look silly. Tampa may still end up trading this pick to get Darrelle Revis, but if they don’t end up with him they can help their defense with another good pass rusher. They let Michael Bennett go to Seattle and he really was the only consistent rusher they had. The verdict is still out on the 2011 first and second round ends, Adrian Clayborn and Da’quan Bowers, though neither have played a full season due to injuries. From his first few drafts we can tell that GM Mark Dominik loves drafting defensive linemen. Mingo needs to add weight if he ever wants to be anything more than a 3rd down pass rush guy, but his frame looks like it could handle twenty pounds. He needs a good line coach to show him how to use his leverage and his speed as opposed to just trying to run around every tackle in his way. Could have a Jason Pierre-Paul emergence in his second season, because he really does have that kind of athleticism.

NFL Comparison: Michael Johnson

14. Carolina Panthers: Chance Warmack OG Alabama

I know it seems like I have no love for the guards, but in the NFL today guards just aren’t a big draft priority for teams. That’s too bad, because we have two great prospects. Last year only David Decastro was drafted in the first, and this year there should be two and the first one Chance Warmack. This guy is a mauler on the inside; he eats linebackers alive and smiles while doing it. He started three years on the vaunted Alabama line and won three national titles. He famously destroyed Manti T’eo in the national title game and hasn’t looked back. If teams truly did draft the best available player he would be my second player off the board. Warmack showed an ability to pass protect when Alabama opened up its offense late in the season, but this guy was built to crush people in the run game. Carolina needs everything; they could use another receiver but the opportunity to draft Chance Warmack should override any thoughts the front office has.

NFL Comparison: Steve Hutchinson

15. New Orleans Saints: Keenan Allen WR Cal

Keenan Allen at times looks like a surefire superstar receiver; the problem is his uneven health. He was looking like top ten prospect when he tweaked his PCL in November, then after promising to run at his pro day last week he tweaked it again and couldn’t run routes. The kid has great hands and runs precise routes when on the field. Teams that want to test him out may not get a chance to before April’s draft depending on how the knee plays out; this could drop Allen into the second round. That being said if anybody is going to take a chance on a medical it’s New Orleans. They did it with Brees, they did it with Darren Sharper a few years back, and even Marques Colston had some injury issues before the Saints gave him his big deal. The past few years the receiving core of that 2010 Superbowl has left and it’s time the Saints get back to having an array of targets for Drew Brees.

NFL Comparison: Reggie Wayne

16. St. Louis Rams: Kenny: Vaccaro DB Texas

The first of the Rams picks should be to improve their defensive backfield now that the top receivers are gone, they really need some help at corner but this just isn’t a good year for corners at the top of the draft. Kenny Vaccaro can defiantly kelp this defense just long as they use him correctly. I think Vaccaro can be a ball-hawking safety but from the games I saw he doesn’t have that natural desire to help in the running game. That being said he has great deep speed and can even line up in the nickel in a tight situation following great flexibility on defense. Some scouts have questions about Vaccaro becoming a real force on the backfield; if he does he will make offensive coordinators lose their hair.

NFL Comparison: Jairus Byrd

17. Pittsburgh Steelers: Star Lotulelei DT Utah

A classic Pittsburg Steelers draft pick, Star may be the best player in the draft, but a heart condition discovered at the combine could end up ending his career before it begins. If he gets medical clearance to play, he will be a force for the aging and weakening Steelers defense. Pittsburgh has quickly aged from the force they were just a few seasons ago. They could use a pass rusher to replace James Harrison, but the run of ends has pretty much come to a close in the first round and the Steelers could get more out of the unfairly talented Star Lotulelei. At times he would disappear from games, but those were few and far in between, and he was widely regarded as a phenomenal teammate at Utah. This is the steal of the draft if the heart problems don’t end up limiting his career.

NFL Comparison: Haloti Ngata

18. Dallas Cowboys: Arthur Brown LB Kansas State

Arthur Brown is the fastest linebacker in the draft. He has blazing speed when chasing down backs and he can also play deep like a third safety. This is a match made in heaven with the Tampa 2 that Monte Kiffin has now brought to Dallas. As much as Sean Lee wants to be the guy, he just doesn’t have the long speed that a cover 2 middle linebacker needs. Arthur Brown was a mega recruit coming out of high school with his brother Eagles running back Bryce Brown, and went to Miami where he was thought to be the next Ray Lewis. After two disappointing seasons he transferred home to Kansas State and flourished without the spotlight directly on him. He shows a knack for being around the ball and great instincts in the pass game. His size is going to hurt him some against teams that are more physical on offense, such as the 49ers, but the Cowboys need linebacker help with the defensive scheme switch.

NFL Comparison: Derrick Brooks

19. New York Giants: Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

Sheldon Richardson may have been the most hyped player in the history the Missouri football program. Coming out of high school he couldn’t make the academic requirements needed and was forced to go the community college route. After finally getting to Mizzou, he proceeded to set the SEC on fire and blew up his senior year to become a real force in the middle of the field. New York has tried the past few years to fix their problems at defensive tackle with Shaun Rogers and Marvin Austin. The Giants should keep trying to replenish the depth of their defensive line. Since there just aren’t any defensive ends left they take the best interior pass rusher.

NFL Comparison: Gerald McCoy

20. Chicago Bears: Bjoren Werner DE Florida State

Werner has a great story; the German born prospect has only been in football for a few years now and has really adapted to the game. He began to break out in 2011 with eleven sacks in spot duty, and exploded early in the season this year, leading many to think he could possibly be a top ten selection. The Bears are always looking for the next pass rusher, even after selecting Shane Mcclellan last year. Werner has great instincts and shows a variety of moves to beat tackles. He also is a force in the run game and has a good sense of when to jump for swats. The worry teams have is that he may be a finished product; he isn’t going to blow anybody away with his athletic ability, though he is defiantly good enough get it done in the NFL. The Bears are going to have to make some hard decisions in the next few years about the defense and having a guy like Werner could make cutting the expensive Julius Peppers a real possibility.

NFL Comparison: Justin Tuck

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Johnathan Cyprien DB FIU

Last year the Bengals gambled on the undrafted Vontaze Burifct. It worked out perfectly and that’s exactly how the Bengals have built possibly the best young core in football. This year they take the biggest first round gamble of the draft. Cyprien doesn’t have any off the field issues like other Bengal draft picks, however he is from tiny Florida International which has only been a FBS football program for eight years. Cyprien may be the greatest prospect to come out of FIU yet (eat your heart out T.Y. Hilton!). He possesses a great frame and has the tools to be a game changing safety. He is the most violent hitter of the deep safety class and holds the school record for career tackles. The safety really shined at the Senior Bowl and proved he belonged in the big leagues. This could end up finally putting a stop to the Bengals woes at safety.

NFL Comparison: Louis Delmas

22. St. Louis Rams: Johnathon Cooper OG North Carolina

The Rams already drafted their defensive guy, now they need protect their expensive young quarterback. Johnathon Cooper might be as good as Chance Warmack, but due to positional needs and the overall value of guards, he drops to 22. The Rams saw Jacob Bell retire last season and didn’t do a very good job replacing him. With Steven Jackson leaving and a young running back taking his place, the Rams need to find a guy to help their running game in conjunction with protecting Bradford. Cooper is just about the most athletic guard in recent history and shows a real knack for blowing up linebackers on pulls. He does need to show he can keep good weight on during the season as he got down to about 285 pounds in Larry Fedora’s spread, but telling a lineman to eat more shouldn’t be much of a problem. Cooper’s best value is as a pass protector, shows great vision on stunts and can really play center if the Rams wanted him to. Sam Bradford still isn’t a sure thing, but Johnathon Cooper should be.

NFL Comparison: Carl Nicks

23. Minnesota Vikings: Desmond Trufant DB Washington


Desmond Trufant is one of those guys we see every year, a guy who plays very well on a bad team and then outplays everybody at an All-Star game and vaults into the first round. He has great genes as both of his brothers played in the NFL, one being former Pro Bowl corner Marcus Trufant. Desmond is a great cover man and I think he has a chance at being a shutdown corner at the NFL level; he has that kind of confidence and ability. Trufant will tend to whiff on some passes trying to make the big interception, although from the tape I saw he tends to do it when he has help over top. The Vikings have had a steady presence at corner for a long time with Antoine Winfield, but after cutting him last week they have a hole on roster. Some would argue that they need pressing help at receiver, but they just gave Greg Jennings a big contract and they really like their two second year Arkansas wideouts. Desmond Trufant is a player that is going to rub some the wrong way with his attitude, but he should be a great addition to the middling Vikings secondary.

NFL Comparison: Ladarius Webb

24. Indianapolis Colts: Jesse Williams DT Alabama

The Indianapolis Colts moved to the 3-4 defense last season to mixed results; the big problem for the team was the lack of a true nose tackle. Enter Jesse Williams, my favorite player in the draft. The Australian defensive tackle looks like a member of the Hell’s Angels and plays that way too. He became a full time starter this past season and really anchored the defensive line for Alabama’s dominating national title defense. Williams shows an ability to move the pocket even while double-teamed. He does tend to get nicked up and left a few games this year with injury, so the Colts will need to watch how much they keep him on the field. Williams can plug up the middle for this defense as they get better going forewords and allow the pass rushers to flourish.

NFL Comparison: Vince Wilfork

25. Minnesota Vikings: Robert Woods WR USC


Another great player who played on a mediocre team and has been overlooked despite his talent is Robert Woods. The Vikings passed on drafting him earlier to fix their cornerback needs and now they get a well-rounded pass catcher that has shined during his three years at USC. Woods was a playmaker from day one at USC and formed a deadly combo with quarterback Matt Barkley. Woods doesn’t have one trait that separates him but is always there when you need him and I never saw him drop a ball within ten yards of him. He was outshined by super sophomore Marquise Lee, although it was Woods who set the Pac-12 record with 112 receptions his sophomore year. Woods shows the ability to run every route and firm grasp of how to manipulate coverage. This will help the pain of the Percy Harvin loss, and provides another weapon for Christian Ponder.

NFL Comparison: Greg Jennings

26. Green Bay Packers: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame


Every Packer fan I know hates Jermichael Finley. He is an injury prone, overpaid, butterfingered tight end, who is at his absolute best, pretty good. The Packers should cut him and move on and if they follow my advice (and they should) they will proceed to draft his replacement, Notre Dame Tight End Tyler Eifert. Eifert has everything one could ask for in an elite tight end. He doesn’t have the deep speed of a Jimmy Graham, but compares well to the modern mold of great pass catcher with a big body to give safeties nightmares. He may never be elite but is a great teammate who never gives up and is an adequate run blocker. The Packers need another receiver as Greg Jennings has just left and they need another option for Aaron Rodgers. They could also go the route of running back as they haven’t had a real running game since Ryan Grant hurt his knee in 2009, but we all know how much my boss loves DuJuan Harris. With Finley being the disappointment he is, Eifert may be too good to pass up.

NFL Comparison: Chris Cooley

27. Houston Texans: Alec Ogletree LB Georgia

February 17 may be the worst day of Alec Ogletree’s life. He went from potential top ten prospect to late first with one DUI. His loss is the Texans gain, and after cutting Tackle Eric Winston and trading middle linebacker Demeco Ryans to the Eagles in the attempt to free room to resign Mario Williams, the Texas found themselves without Williams come the season start and then promptly lost their other stud inside backer Brian Cushing. Ogletree will fit perfectly as the second inside backer and can be plugged in immediately because of his familiarity with the 3-4 from his college days. He has elite quickness from a man his size, but not a great blitz guy. However, he was wasn’t asked to blitz as much as the other Georgia ‘backers. Ogletree should make his living being a three-down backer by moving to the strong side on passing downs and being able to keep up with the modern-day move tight ends. He’s more of a wrap and drag tackler than a violent hitter; rarely did you see him lay out a ball carrier. He did have some early off the field issues at Georgia but seemed to have put them behind until his arrest. The Texans could go receiver here as they need another guy, but they may give Devier Posey or Lestar Jean a shot at the number two spot. If they do, they will get a great young linebacker who has the potential to be a great player in Wade Phillips scheme, if he can put his off the field issues behind him.

NFL Comparison: Sean Weatherspoon

28. Denver Broncos: Jonathan Hankins DT Ohio State

The Broncos were one play away from the Superbowl last year and the broken play by safety Rahim Moore has lead to many fans calling for the team to draft a new safety. This should be the last of the team’s worries as they have real need on both sides of the line. This leads them to Johnathan Hankins, once thought to be a top five pick he has fallen mightily, and the reason? The pre-draft process is a cruel world, and bloggers like us will pick apart even the greatest prospect. Having personally watched every game of Hankins career at Ohio State I can tell you that he has all the tools. Some wonder if he has what it takes to be the force on the inside that can change the game. He is huge, really huge and eats up interior linemen, and he can rush the passer as well as any 330 pound man on the planet. The knock on him is that he isn’t a three-down player, but the Broncos drafted Derek Wolfe and he showed some potential to rush on third down. Hankins may not be the best lineman in this draft but can turn a game around based on his immense talent.

NFL Comparison: Albert Haynesowrth

29. New England Patriots: DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson

Bill Belichick will never be confused for being an agreeable or kind man, and with that his organization sent Wes Welker off like he was a piece of bad meat. He then gave Danny Amendola better money, and while Amendola is a good young player he mostly a slot guy. The Pats also cut the tough to predict Brandon Lloyd. This leaves the Pats without an outside guy, this is where DeAndre Hopkins will make a difference. He brings incredible speed to the table and can stretch the field like the Pats haven’t had since Randy Moss was traded. The Patriots offense simply works better when they have a reliable or explosive outside wide receiver. Hopkins can play every wide receiver position on the field and can also help in the return game, and will translate well if he can learn more of the route tree and break into the lineup.

NFL Comparison: Roddy White

30.  Atlanta Falcons: Margus Hunt DL Florida SMU

The Eastern Block, as they call him, had a late start to football as he was a world renowned field athlete, and athlete is the only way to describe him. His 6’8 280 pound frame is a scary thing went you see how fast he can get going; his sheer size makes him a force against anybody, but his raw talent makes him too intriguing to pass up. The Falcons chose not to resign John Abraham at least at this point, and he was most of the pass rush. They may not get an immediate investment but they can put him out there any let him try to outwork tackles. He also holds the NCAA record for blocked kicks, making him even more valuable.

NFL Comparison: None, he is a totally different breed of prospect

31.  San Francisco 49ers: Tank Carradine DE/LB Florida State

This guy should have been a top ten pick, unfortunately a torn ACL ended that. When healthy he was as explosive as anybody at defensive end. His athleticism gives him the ability to play the 3-4 outside backer for the 49ers and he could easily not play a down this year and that wouldn’t hurt the 49er’s as they have plenty of depth. They didn’t even play their first round pick from 2012! A plethora of picks makes this a luxury selection and a good one. Could be an Aldon Smith-like talent if the knee can hold up, and it should have plenty of time to heal. Nobody could say that the 49ers made a bad pick with this if it works out the way they want. The 49ers could easily go with one of the Stanford tight ends here, but the smart move is to continue stocking up the defense.

NFL Comparison: Kameron Wimbley

32.  Baltimore Ravens: DJ Fluker OT Alabama

This could be an unpopular pick but the Raven desperately need new blood on defense after seemingly lose all defensive starters. The signing of Elvis Dumerville lessens some of that blow however. With Bryant McKinnie leaving in free agency and giving 120 Million to Joe Flacco, they need another solid tackle. This would mean giving the Michael Oher another shot on the blind side. Whether that actually works out will determine whether this pick validated in the end. Fluker can be a great power tackle in this league, and maybe most importantly could be the kind of tackle that makes Ray Rice’s life that much easier. The Ravens seem to be committed to a full on rebuilding project after winning the Superbowl. Fluker can dominate at tackle or even kick inside and big a big guard for the next decade and will help the next era of the Ravens franchise.

NFL Comparison: Jeff Otah

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