How Huge Is Football In South!

Football is a huge sport, but in the South it’s a way of life. Most boys have played football at one point in there life, whether it was when they were 6 or 16. High school football is a big deal but college football is so huge, it’s ridiculous.

College football has gotten so ridiculous and out of control that more value is placed on if your team is going to win the big one than on the students’ education.

I recently heard that college football coaches, the ones that coach the big schools, like University of Texas and Oklahoma University, have salaries as high as 3 million dollars. Isn’t ironic that people go to college to get an education so that they can get a good job and have a good life, yet the college professors don’t make nearly as much as the head football coach.

Also tuition for those colleges are extremely expensive. You spend four years in a university like that and you end up spending probably less than some people will spend on their first house. This absolutely outrageous!

College tuition is higher than it has ever been. A lot of people cannot even afford to go to college in the first place, and as cost rises, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to receive a good education.

It is unfair that people who can throw a ball get a free ride to college while people who have worked hard all through high school in order to further their education have to struggle and worry about how they are going to be able to pay for college.

When did sports become more important than education? Unless you happen to be one of the lucky few who actually make it to major league, sports are not going to do anything for you when you are out of college.

Sports are important, but not as important as education. College is important and no one should be denied the opportunity because it is too expensive.

While there are other colleges who do not cost as much and community colleges, you cannot get the same kind of education that you can at top universities. Football has been a higher priority than actually learning the things you are going to need when you start a career.

Why is it so expensive to go to college in universities where football is so big? Because they have to pay the coaches, and because they have to pay for the top athletes to come to their university so they can have a winning team.

College is supposed to be about education. It’s supposed to be a place you get to go to after working hard to get good grades in high school. It’s supposed to be a place where you learn what you need to know in order to get a good job, in order to be more than a fast food server.

Southern colleges who are entirely focused on football are robbing people of their education. This should be stopped and more focus should be placed on education.