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A Quick Note On San Diego Chargers’ Wide Receiver Vincent Brown

Guys, we need to have a serious talk about Vincent Brown. Per FF Calculator ADP, he is being drafted as WR43 and over the last week, his overall draft position has crept into the 10th round. This madness has to stop. Coming out of San Diego State, Brown simply didn’t have the physical measurables that would suggest he was ever going to be anything special.

Height Weight 40 Vertical Explosion Score Broad Jump Bench
Vincent Brown 5’11 181 4.68 33.5 10.89 121 12 Reps

He is a short speed receiver with no speed. Honestly, it’s hard to even see how the Chargers are justified in giving Brown a starting role to start the season, given his relatively poor college production. He certainly fails Jon Moore’s “Eric Decker Test”. Look at the Rotoviz Heat Map of Brown’s college production, and just for comparison’s sake, lets include Chargers rookie Keenan Allen:

Brown had one solid season of production where beat Allen down on yards per target, and 12.88 on 105 targets certainly isn’t awful, but Brown never had even a B Dominator Rating (check Shawn Siegele’s excellent for more info on Dominator Rating). Generally, Brown is a pretty meh prospect. He played against weaker competition in college, has already been injured for an entire NFL season and is not playing in an offense that I expect to be wildly productive. Phillip Rivers’ Adjusted Yards Per Attempt when throwing to Brown in 2011 was 8.1 yards on 40 attempts, which is not a positive, considering that Rivers’ numbers were better Malcom Floyd (who is still on the roster) and a breaking down Antonio Gates.

I know that he runs really good routes and he has some solid hands. There are certainly things that scouts are going to love about his game, but I have grave doubts about his ability to produce for fantasy owners. Instead of selecting Brown, take a shot on Sidney Rice, Reuben Randle, Josh Gordon, or Mike Williams; all of those guys are going in a similar range to Brown and have much, much, much higher upsides.